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Albania, 15 Interesting facts about this amazing country

Are you looking for facts about Albania? Here’s a list of 15 Interesting facts about Albania that you probably didn’t know. In addition to that, you can also read some more general Albania facts such as total population, highest mountain, government, biggest cities etc. Now without further ado – here are 15 Interesting facts about […]

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Albania, 5 reasons you must travel to here

Albanian people are insanely generous.  I have never been offered more things in my life – whether it was cake on the side of a road from someone I asked directions, half of someone’s lunch who we hitchhiked with, an espresso at a cafe, or rakia (so much rakia), then when traveling in Albania. The […]

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Sightseeing Tips

Sightseeing Albania’s national hero at Kruja Make the easy day trip from Tirana to the family seat of Albania’s 15th-century hero, Skanderbeg. Within the medieval castle’s walls are two interesting museums, the larger dedicated to aforementioned heroic noblemen. Sightseeing the restored Ottoman bazaar just outside the castle offers the best souvenir shopping in Albania. Reclaim […]

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The second largest Roman Amphitheater in the Balkans

Did you know?

The Karavasta Lagoon The Karavasta Lagoon is one of the largest lagoons in the Mediterranean Sea and is home to the Dalmatian Pelican, as well as over 250 bird, mammal, and amphibian species. Five percent of the world’s Dalmatian Pelican population is found in this lagoon.   Mother Teresa Mother Teresa, whose given name was Agnesë Gonxhe Bojaxhiu, […]

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