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Albania, 5 reasons you must travel to here

Albania, 5 reasons you must travel to here

Albania Beauty
Albanian people are insanely generous.

 I have never been offered more things in my life – whether it was cake on the side of a road from someone I asked directions, half of someone’s lunch who we hitchhiked with, an espresso at a cafe, or rakia (so much rakia), then when traveling in Albania.

The sunsets along the coast are incredible.

The whole time you travel Albania, you will be treated to breathtaking sunsets. Albanias sunsets are just as beautiful as Greece’s or Croatia’s — at a fraction of the price.

Albania Raki
You need to learn the love-hate relationship with rakia.

Rakia is basically moonshine, distilled typically from grapes or plums, popular all throughout the Balkans, but especially loved in Albania. The best nights (and the worst mornings) usually are courtesy of rakia.

Syri Kalter
Albania is safe.

While tourism in Albania is just beginning, traveling Albania is just as safe as going pretty much anywhere else in Europe. You’re less at risk for petty crime in Albania than you are in, say, Madrid, Barcelona, Rome, or Paris, and violent crime is extremely rare.

Albania Women
Albanians give the best directions.

Which is to say they’re either extremely detailed if they speak English. Or oftentimes albanians will just walk with you to your destination because they are afraid of you getting lost. After a flurry of hand gestures did nothing, I once had an old lady in a robe and house shoes pull me by the sweater tied around my waist, leading me up on a ledge, in order to show me how to get to the Berat Castle via the back way. You can’t say Albanian people don’t try!

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